accessGATE is a great product to enhance your MS SharePoint functionality with. It provides direct access from MS SharePoint to other essential company IT systems like your mail server (MS Exchange, Lotus Notes), your DMS, file-shares and stores, archive systems or any other 3rd party software. It helps companies to build a unified infrastructure in which you can search and manipulate documents coming from different sources.

Is your company using MS SharePoint? Do you have also other systems for storing and managing documents? SAP maybe, or some other DMS? Would not it be fine to have these documents also available in your SharePoint portal, attach them to workflows and tasks, thus improving the daily business processes? Then it’s worth to take a look and try accessGATE!

accessGATE offers several levels of integration:

  • Basic – External lists (BCS) for displaying external documents.
  • Compact – Federated search in MS SharePoint and all connected systems, preview of documents.
  • Comfort – Document libraries containing shortcuts to the external documents, document preview, federated search results, workflow support.




You can access all your documents through MS SharePoint.
No more decisions based on outdated information.
Instant finding of relevant documents makes your work easier.

Gain even more productivity with the contentACCESS Mobile App, which is a free mobile content access app for your iPhone®, iPod Touch®, iPad® and Android™ device, enabling direct access to your Document Management and Electronic Content Management Systems. It gives access to your entire business related data anywhere, anytime.



Have a single access point to all your systems – MS SharePoint.
Find relevant documents fast and easy in every connected system.
Improve your business processes with workflows.
Have instant access to all your documents anywhere and anytime.


More information available from various systems.
Save time. Finds and view relevant documents based on document properties or full text.
Increase the quality. No more decisions based on outdated information.
Compatibility with smartphones ensures your access to all sources of information at your fingertips.