contentACCESS Mobile

contentACCESS Mobile

Have you ever struggled to quickly and successfully collaborate on your company data with your clients, suppliers or the company management, even when you were offline? Do you need a cool application that would help your team and the management to work more efficiently and effectively with the archived documents, older contracts, purchase orders or any other information? Here is our suggestion for you:
contentACCESS Mobile is a mobile content access application primarily used to reach your crucial information in the archive. It’s not only a brilliant extension to contentACCESS and mycompanyarchive, but can be used as a standalone solution providing mobile access to the important information as well.
Enhance your Document Management and Electronic Content Management Systems, keep track with file versions, get the relevant information quickly and easily and also save your valuable time. Have the data available anytime, anywhere, even offline, in reading mode.


Mobility – Access entire business related data anywhere, anytime.
Just in time – Have always the latest version of a document with real time information about any important changes in a document.
User friendly – Reach the desired documents easily from every repository, using an oversimple user interface.
Offline access – Don’t have internet access? No need to worry. Documents are available also offline in reading mode.
Compatible – Compatibility with most smart phones ensures quick access to all sources of information at your fingertips.


Search for documents, save recents queries and results.
Download company documents to your mobile device, have them available even when offline.
Have an access to all company IT systems while on the road.
save Save your recent search queries and save offline copies of documents.


The application is now available both for iOS and Android. Click to get a FREE VERSION:

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