officeGATE release notes

officeGATE Version 2.8

(November 15th, 2016)


NEW Offline synchronization. This feature was created for users who are working often without connection to their essential company IT-systems. The new Offline synchronization enables access to files and folders even without network connection. Files can be periodically downloaded to a read-only local document storage. This speeds up document opening as well, as when a document is up to date in the local storage, it is by default opened locally. Of course, it can be opened online, too.
NEW Single sign-on for OneDrive. The user has to enter his credentials only once for both OneDrive Business and Personal.
IMPROVEMENT Better OneDrive support. Search and a full support for both read and write operations (folder creation, document upload, rename, and delete operations) were added.
IMPROVEMENT Improved user experience. The provider configuration is checked before connection, faster item listing for contentACCESS, fixed tree and list refresh issues, fixed configuration issues, improved error handling and logging.

officeGATE Version 2.7

(May 4th, 2016)


NEW New native OneDrive connector.
NEW New Perceptive Workplace connector.
IMPROVEMENT Improved sharing options. The user can now save sharing options as default and can set these options to use for every new share and don’t need to specify them before share. Information added to email’s body about the accessibility of the shared files. The user can now attach contentACCESS file also in these item types: Appointment, Contact, Task, Meeting.
IMPROVEMENT If the user searches in all providers he can now browse search result after the first providers result.

officeGATE Version 2.6

(February 24th, 2016)


NEW Share your files directly in Outlook using officeGATE. With the help of contentACCESS you can share documents with your partners, customers and colleagues with a few clicks.
NEW Federated search! This new version allows to get search results from all providers with a single query.
NEW We have a new MSI setup allowing group policy installations and automatic configuration of officeGATE. This is a great help for administrators to set up officeGATE on all user workstations in a fully automatized way.
NEW Open the parent directory of the document in the search result using the context menu.
NEW Verify your connection settings to contentACCESS and MS SharePoint.
NEW Upload a new file into the selected folder using the new option in the context menu. This works for all providers.
NEW officeGATE is optimized to work with the newest MS Outlook 2016.
NEW Tooltips for Favorites now show the parent folder to ease the navigation.

officeGATE Version 2.5

(December 15th, 2015)


NEW German version, switch the language in Settings.
NEW MS Outlook 2016 support.
NEW MS SharePoint Tasks support. Work with task attachments, create tasks and many more.
NEW Allow users to upload original email if a contentACCESS Email archive shortcut is dropped onto an officeGATE container.
NEW Connecting multiple MS SharePoint sites (Premium feature).
NEW Less branding in premium version (Premium feature for OEM partners).
IMPROVEMENT Easier switch between Tree and Grid view using middle mouse button.

officeGATE Version 2.4

(October 11th, 2015)


NEW Datengut DMS support.
NEW Perceptive DMS support.
NEW Supporting multiple 3rd party dms system connections.
NEW Paging in list mode.
IMPROVEMENT Increased performance.

officeGATE Version 2.3

(June 29th, 2015)


NEW Search (local drivers, cloud connectors, SharePoint, contentACCESS and other connectors).
NEW Copy-paste documents also between connectors and Windows Explorer.
NEW Keyboard commands (Home, End, Enter, Delete, PageUp, PageDown, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V).
NEW Send as ZIP. Send documents from any connector as ZIP compressed attachments.
IMPROVEMENT Optimized memory usage.