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Jozef Végh


Jozef's passion in IT made him visualize IT as a field of unlimited possibilities. Based on this belief, he has created several software products, with his most successful ones being contentACCESS, contentGATE and exchange@PAM. In the last 15 years, his focus has been on building a strong email archive and information management system that could compete with those of other big companies. This is how the idea of contentACCESS was created.
As a software developer, his ideas were nominated 5 times for, and once became a total winner of the “Best of IT Channel Vision” award.
Currently, he is the CEO of the new age IT company TECH-ARROW. His motto “Your vision of technological evolution...“ reflects his views on technology and software - nothing is impossible, everything has a solution. He and his team change visions into realities. Under his lead the company has built a strong partnership with Microsoft, became the IT partner of Red Bull, CBRE and many more. He believes that one should give part of the success back to the community, therefore TECH-ARROW is also building products which are free of charge. Follow and stay tuned!