An interview with “The Architect” – Vladimir Werškov

For the purposeThe Three Muskateers of TECH-ARROW‘s introduction, today we launch a series of interviews with the members of

“The Three Musketeers”

team of TECH-ARROW.


An Interview with Vladimir Werškov, The Architect in TECH-ARROW. TECH-ARROW is just few years on the market, however the dream to start a specialized IT company in Middle-Europe is not a dream anymore.

Vladimir, your position is “The Architect” in this company, can you describe what does it really mean?

My position is of the software aVladorchitect and this means shaping our ideas into optimal solutions. When a new idea comes up, my task is to find a way to make it happen: to see how it fits into our products, how it communicates with them – and all the aspects of the software design. Since we are working with tons of information it is critical to optimize and parallelize our products – this is also my job.

Does it mean you are like a parent and the products are your children?

Maybe partly. It is always a teamwork: the ideas might come from other sources and also the development is performed by other team members as well. I would not call myself a parent in this case – a kindergarten teacher would be more appropriate J

What is your favorite product and why?

If I had to name only one, then it would be contentAccess (the framework for mail management). This project started as very specialized customer project with lot of backward compatibility in mind – but fortunately I had to architect a flexible framework with unlimited possibilities. The best thing about contentAccess is that it is easy to extend and theoretically anybody can write a plugin for it.

What do you think, why is TECH-ARROW unique?

We are fast and experienced. A big company will never be as fast as us because of the management overhead. The experience you can’t buy – it is achieved on the field. And we are on the field since ages.

At the end, please choose one of your products (maybe your favorite one) and give us a hint how this product can make our life easier.

I would choose contentAccess. It is a time saver for the companies who need to automate their email processing. Imagine a situation where you receive invoices in emails – actually all users are receiving invoices in emails. And you want to store these invoices in your CRM system or in SharePoint for example. contentAccess is able to detect the emails with invoices and upload them to your favorite CRM without any user intervention. This is only one possibility from the many which can be achieved with contentAccess.

Thank you for your time. (The interview was prepared by David Kaiser, 13.5.2014)

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