contentACCESS Version 2.2 (February 20th, 2015)


NEW New store types available: Disk, iTernity and inPoint stores
NEW Retention policy management
NEW contentWEB version 2.0, with enhanced UI
IMPROVEMENT Disk Store enhancements: Compression, remote share support with impersonation, MD5 Hash checking at archive time
IMPROVEMENT Improved unified access to the archive via officeGATE and contentACCESS mobile
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IMPROVEMENT Better search possibilities in contentWEB, find documents based on any metadata
IMPROVEMENT Better user and group provisioning
IMPROVEMENT Easier system set-up and configuration

Email Archive

NEW EWS support, archiving emails from Office 365
NEW Shortcutting support. Replace emails with customizable shortcuts to spare space. Features: body truncating, attachment and embedded message links, transparent retrieve process using Outlook forms, HTML and Journal shortcuts
NEW Full-text search using the inPoint engine
IMPROVEMENT Address book management and synchronization

File Archive

NEW Long path support. Possibility to archive files and folders from paths having length longer than 256 characters
NEW Virtual Drive. Attach the archive as a mapped drive