TECH-ARROW’s contribution to PROJECT CONSULT newsletter 2017

TECH-ARROW’s contribution to PROJECT CONSULT newsletter 2017

The PROJECT CONSULT is a consulting company for information management, project management and change management.           Project consult logo

Since 1992, they have been helping customers with designing, implementing, migrating and managing information management systems. They support them with IT strategy, expert advice, planning, solution selection, organization and implementation.

  In the last eight years, every year a newsletter written by the company brings to us concentrated, up-to-date information about the information management industry.

On June 30, 2017 a special jubilee edition of the PROJECT CONSULT Newsletter was published. They have invited friends, colleagues, customers and companions to contribute articles to the jubilee issue. Our CEO – Jozef Végh, contributed to this newsletter and wrote an article called “The days of future past”. It is telling a story from a first person’s point of view. The person is actually Jozef himself telling us about a B2C revolution in the B2B world. It starts with a flashback view, which is actually in the future from now on (hence the article name). A project of digitalizing the whole purchasing processing needed to be finished. Everything was prepared, the right tools were picked (at least thought so) and everything just seemed to be perfectly prepared. But something in the air was off. When the process was started, the purchase order was not recognized and everything was failing. Following, there’s a part of conversation between Jozef and his employees, which shows how fixing an issue can be hard, how much time it can take or how many people might need to get involved.

The second part shows a point of view from the far future. Cars changed, AI became more used and popular and technology got involved in the daily routines that it wasn’t involved in before. How did Facebook change the world? And what about B2B systems, when did the change hit them? It probably doesn’t matter, but the B2C revolution for the B2B world changed how companies work and run their business.

Read the essay from Jozef here, it starts on the 360th page: PROJECT CONSULT 25 Years