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TECH-ARROW Newsletter 2015/11


Email & File Archive

Using a data-archiving software has never been as important as it is nowadays. More and more data is created, the regulations by law are more and more strict.

The requirements on a good archiving solution have been changed over the past few years. Archiving is not only about keeping data for a certain time, but also about building a bridge between the various company IT-systems. Providing non-stop unified access to the documents, emails and other data using browsers and mobile applications is a common need.


Email & File Archive

News in the world of data migration

Connecting DMS and ECM systems with MS Outlook

New product! TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter

TECH-ARROW and Sailing: a new version of Regatta is available!

New technology partner: FAST LTA!

How can our archive solution help you?

contentACCESS was developed to solve file and email management, and archiving scenarios in your organization. It is based on a modular framework which is able to connect to a variety of input systems and process the information stored in them as desired.

  • Helps to manage the exponential growth of contents.
  • Makes it possible to apply retention policies required either by the law of your country, or by internal company regulations.
  • Facilitates finding and managing information as demanded.
  • Improves performance and scalability of the company IT-Systems.
  • Unburdens the storage from numberless and old versions of files.
  • Increases end-user productivity with transparent access to the archived files.
  • Helps to reduce data footprint with a centralized, integrated data archiving solution for unstructured information from multiple sources such as email, file systems, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Email and document processing as easy as could be

We have greatly enhanced contentACCESS, our flagship archiving product with a variety of new plugins and cutting-edge features.

  • Clustering: Create a distributed environment of more contentACCESS server and run the jobs on a specific or any available node. You can install the full contentACCESS including Central Administration on one node and just the contentACCESS server part on another nodes to achieve the best parallelism for running jobs. The administrator can decide whether a job will be assigned to a specific node, or the available nodes will process it based on a load-balanced or first-win strategy.
  • Mobile, web and OWA access: Everybody wants to access the company documents regardless of whether they sit in the office or are on business trips. Employees need to be able to search and view company documents on their mobile devices. This is all possible with contentACCESS.
  • Connection to legacy archive systems: The biggest challenge when deploying a new archive solution is keeping access to the old data residing in the legacy archive systems. We provide multiple ways of achieving this. With contentGATE the data can be migrated into contentACCESS and the legacy archive can be shut down. If you would like to have immediate access to the old data without migration – no problem, TECH-ARROW has connectors enabling a direct view into the legacy data stores. Read more…


Look at this video showing how contentACCESS can help and boost the daily work processes in your company


News in the world of data migration

We continue helping our customers to deal with complex migration and system consolidation scenarios. TECH-ARROW managed to migrate hundreds of millions of documents in the last projects. We have added the support for several archive systems, both on source and target side. Amongst others there is a new option to migrate from HP IAP. Migration from IQ Store and into Optimal Systems ECM is coming soon!

Moving the enormous amount of data accumulated during the years of having the legacy archive in place is never a simple task. In the case of many terra-bytes of documents, it can take from a few days up to several weeks. Therefore we find it extremely important to give our customers the feel of safety, an all-time control and overview of the migration process. Our professional services start with kick-off workshop where the timeline for the project is defined, we provide periodic migration status checkups and ensure that the project is concluded with satisfying results. Read more…

Connecting DMS and ECM systems with MS Outlook

Many users praise how officeGATE is making the work with emails and documents easier and faster. The direct connection to the local file-system, Office 365, Dropbox, and OneDrive simplifies daily work processes significantly. We have decided to take this integration one step further! You can now connect the company DMS and ECM solutions, too. In the first iteration Lexmark, Datengut and H&S inPoint is supported.
You can simply upload, download, copy, paste or search for the documents you need directly in officeGATE, just as you would with the officeGATE MS SharePoint add-on, for example. And this all comes with single sign-on support. If you have an account created in the DMS, you are ready to go! Read more…


New product! TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter

Have you ever struggled as a Mac user in a MS Windows-based company IT infrastructure? Have you tried to open all the Windows shortcuts, the .LNK files your colleagues have created? Wasn’t it frustrating? Struggle no more! Install the brand new WinShortcutter from TECH-ARROW and open the shortcuts just as you were working with MS Windows.

TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter is a collection of small and useful utilities that are primarily created for people working in a MS dominant office environment with a weak Mac support. The main feature is opening the documents to which the shortcuts are pointing with a simple double-click, but there is much more! Browser extensions, enhanced context-menu for the Finder, mapping drives, Quicklook and so on. All this for free! Read more…


TECH-ARROW and Sailing: a new version of Regatta is available

Every year, TECH-ARROW is organizing a sailing race, a Regatta for its clients and partners on the Lake Balaton (Hungary). As we love sailing and technology equally, we have created a mobile/tablet application to give the participants an overview of the race and also some nice information about the surrounding.

This application is available for Android devices and is perfect for organizing races with multiple boats or to be used as tracking app for solitary sailors. In a race, participants will have the possibility of finding out their position relative to the other ships, their speed, the average speed and the distance between the boats. In the latest version, we have added real-time race visualization on Google Maps, checkpoint support and many more.
Try it out!


New technology partner: FAST LTA!

In July 2015 FAST LTA AG has become TECH-ARROW partner for new technologies and development. The technology partnership involves Silent Cubes product family with the TECH-ARROW products. You can easily set up FAST LTA Silent Cubes as a storage location for contentACCESS archiving. For more information refer to the contentACCESS Manual.


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