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contentACCESS Email Archive

Using data-archiving software has never been as important as it is now. More data is created and the regulations are stricter. The requirements on a good archiving solution have been changed over the past few years. Archiving is not only about keeping data for a certain time, but also about building a bridge between the company IT-systems. Providing non-stop unified access to the documents, emails, and other data using browsers and mobile applications is a common need.

With contentACCESS, you can build a single, secure, and well-structured archive, common to all of your data sources. You can save space by creating shortcuts pointing to the archived documents, enlighten the live systems, and shorten back-up times. Your company will be enriched with new possibilities for accessing your data. In these modern times, web access and mobile views are a great help in everyday business. Read more…




Archive, replicate and encrypt to ensure safety
Set up automated rules and spare space
Mobile app and web access, MS Outlook integration
contentACCESS Email Archive

Cool features!

cAccess.EA.13  Have a federated archive connecting your emails, files and other documents. Learn more about the contentACCESS File Archive.
cAccess.EA.8  Have your mail and documents accessible anytime, anywhere in contentWEB.
cAccess.EA.9  Have mobile native app support with accessGATE Mobile.
cAccess.EA.10  Have an MS Outlook integration using officeGATE. contentACCESS Email Archive
cAccess.EA.11  Use our mail app in local and online versions of MS Outlook.
cAccess.EA.2  For even more safety, encrypt your stored documents.
cAccess.EA.4  Set up retention categories.

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