Newsletter 2016/06 – WinShortcutter PRO available



Dear WinShortcutter user,

We hope you enjoy using WinShortcutter and we are helping you in your everyday work.

It is now more than half of a year that our company, TECH-ARROW has decided to give a second chance to WinShortcutter and continued its development. Despite minimal advertisement our commmunity has grown nicely and we are glad to see it is growing further every day.

We have great plans to make the tool even better, extending it with new features and extensions. Of course, we would like to provide you professional support, helping and solving any problem you experience while using your Mac in the world full of MS Windows. Therefore we are kindly asking you to support our cause and upgrade your copy of TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter to version PRO. You can do it with a one-time purchase of the software at


Help the WinShortcutter team and upgrade now.

Why going PRO?

cAccess.EA.13  Get full set of features
cAccess.EA.13  Browser and Finder extensions
cAccess.EA.13  Full updates
cAccess.EA.13  Professional support
cAccess.EA.13  You can support a good cause 🙂

Thank you,

The WinShortcutter Team

The WinShortcutter Team

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